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  1. Make Smarter Decisions with advanced reporting tools and actionable insights in our TalentClick Portal
  2. Better Value! Test everyone with unlimited-use subscriptions for all employees AND applicants
  3. Easy-to-Action Reports showcase Fit Score to the position, personalized interview questions, and coaching tips
  4. Scientifically Validated for employee-related decisions, in both hiring and development of your best team
  5. Reduce Risk-Related Incidents: predict risk tolerance and unsafe behaviors BEFORE they happen
  6. Save time on volume hiring and reduce turnover by investing in the people who are most likely to be a good fit
  7. Screen In More Candidates by measuring potential during a challenging talent shortage

See why employers in over 100 countries are using TalentClick to hire and develop a happier, safer, more productive workforce!

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Download a Sample Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP) Employer Report

Our core assessment solution package is our 4 most popular assessments in one easy-to-use survey, providing employers with deep pre-hire and coaching insights within minutes. Assess a worker's default personality, work values, and safety and risk-related tendencies.

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Manage all your reports in one place, and maximize your data through advanced analytics. The Fit Score Sorter, Report Builder, Automated Invitations, and Team Reports are just some of the cutting-edge self-serve tools you can access. Take a quick tour of the TalentClick Portal by watching the video below!

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